Wehrmacht/Waffen SS Officer

I have yet to see an actual German officer in a clean dress uniform(excluding the dirty looking, quasi-Wehrmacht/Waffen SS General Amsel from WaW), and since I tend to do a lot of WWII poses, I could rather use one. My lack of rigging skills and inability to understand the existing tutorials leads me here to ask if someone could please do this. I know there are officers in luxox_18’s Saboteur pack and some better looking ones in his Velvet Assassin pack. I would really appreciate if someone could do this.
And for reference, I suppose:

Wolfenstein officers are good too.

Supporting. And I’m sure someone will d this model, because ITS A MILITARY MODEL (greetings for TheFallen)!

I remember that Shotgunguy49 included a Wehrmacht officer version of himself in this pack: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=93747