Weight changed after compile model into SFM

I export model as SMD,then reimport it to 3ds Max,it still works fine,so I think the problem is compile
When I compile model to SFM,the only warning is:
WARNING:Model has too many verts,cutting into multiple models
This model has 67619 vertices,but I heard SFM supports 300k+ polygons

Anyway,here’s my QC:
$modelname “MY/Denielle/Denielle.mdl”

$model Denielle “Denielle.SMD”

$cdmaterials “MY/Denielle/”

$sequence idle “Denielle” fps 1


Chances are it’s an issue with the SMD, not with the SFM.

Have you tried loading the SMD into 3DSMax fresh (EG close out of 3DS completely, and then load the SMD) and check the skin?

SMD is a fickle file format when it comes to skin / weight, in my experience. I have put, for example, 5 bones in a long ponytail (like, down to the ass long), rigged them, and exported to SMD. Reload the SMD, and only the first two bones keep their rigging; the final three bones have no rigging whatsoever, and the vertices that were assigned to them literally cannot be assigned to new bones.

Well,I just restart my computer,then I load SMD into 3ds Max again,it still works fine

I’m going to pretend that’s a different model.

If the weights are changing, it shouldn’t be the compiler but it shouldn’t be ruled out. Keep in mind though, SFM may support 300k polygons, but SFM isn’t compiling your model, studiomdl is. Try cutting a part of the model and exporting it then. Do the remaining parts still have this issue?

I delete everything but right leg,it still have this issue

So reimporting the exported SMD into Max doesn’t have this issue? Was the QC you posted above your entire QC? Did you get any other errors while compiling with just the leg?

Reimporting the exported SMD into Max doesn’t have this issue,it looks ok

No,that’s my entire QC,just 5 line

No,I don’t get any errors or warnings,leg only have 7k verts

Well, I’ll be honest and say I’m completely stumped.

I know it’s not a helpful post, but frankly I would personally rather people just post saying they don’t know, rather than just not respond because they don’t know. So I’ll give you the courtesy - whether you want it or not - to do the same.

All I can think of is to suggest taking a completely different model, shitting together some weights for it, and see if similar deformations occur, or if it’s just something with your model’s topology or something.

Yeah, I’m out of ideas too.

I was hoping to avoid this, but send me the model if you can and I’ll see if I have the same issue. If I fix it, I’ll explain what I did.

Really appreciated it you can take a look
Now here’s file

Just leg

Full body

I use 3ds Max 2012 and Cannonfodder’s 3DS Max Tools

Yeah, I’m still a little bit lost on it. I need to head to bed – it’s ridiculously late here. For now, I did find one thing that may help a slight bit.

This is rendered in HLMV with BoneWeights.

See any connection? (Above the knee – yellow in the first image, blue in the second).

My guess is that when compiled, weights are being rounded so they’re simplified down to the hundredth point rather than the thousandth it’s exported with. Sometimes slight changes can make a larger difference, and this model is ridiculously high poly even for SFM. Even the slightest changes can look weird.

If you can, I’d try simplifying the model or the weight map to see if you yield better results.

Original model have 67619 verts
I just reduce verts to 9420

Still can see the problem,I have no idea at all

That’s only half of what I meant. If the issue is indeed weights being rounded, then that large blob of blue weights that moves up the lower thigh is pretty much being ignored. With as high poly as the model is, you’ll be able to notice the rounded verts by getting something like the tear you had. Try rounding the weights to the hundredth power (0.00 instead of 0.000) and adjust them so they deform smoothly. Sorry about making you do this, but it’s the only idea we have so far.