Weight elements? Other similar elements aswell?

I’ve been playing Rust a lot recently since I’ve been able to actually do so, and there is a thing that’s been sitting in my head. Shouldn’t the different armour sets/weapons affect your movement speed? Or even perhaps drain food quicker due to higher energy use? This way, going with leather or cloth armour over kevlar may give you an advantage in a way which makes for easier and quicker flanking or outrunning enemies.

But then I thought bout it more, after seeing this was a thing on the Trello page, what if they have other affects on the environment? I haven’t got any set in stone ideas on this yet but maybe something like kevlar making more noise during general movement? Puffing after long distances? Guns jamming occasionally (maybe this could relate to the repairing system they plan to add: the more worn out a weapon it, the higher chance of jamming?

This is all very vague, I’m aware, but these are just some ideas I came up with. Obviously I’m not the most creative human being when it comes to these things, so what other stuff could they fit under this sort of category?