Weight Limits | What do you think?

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Anyways, I am a huge fan of all the work Facepunch has/is doing on Rust, but something concerns me greatly. With the new weight limit that they are going to be imposing is logical, but is it too much? For your reference, please refer to https://trello.com/c/z3aDARLP/267-weight-limits. In my honest opinion with the current state of game, making the player have moving impairment from large inventories (possibly made worse by “bulky” items such as metal materials,) will add another annoyance that isn’t 100% necessary (currently). You have to build (currently) away from the highly populated areas to avoid being subject of raiding, and the travel time is already at a decent amount by just running. Adding a movement limitation is going to make for several trips back and forth to base. What happens if you find a metal piece that you have been searching for, or any rare item for that matter, but you are forced to dump 1/3 of your inventory to make room for that item (to travel at a decent rate)? The upcoming changes being made to the process of gaining the blueprints for items and the transport limitations are going to extend game-play undoubtedly, but how much of that time is going to be spent just holding shift+w?

However, on a more broader scope we may have some form of transportation that will eliminate the concern with this addition to the game. I just feel that imposing this without any other means of transportation is going to make gathering/advancing your overall progression not just difficult (which is welcomed), but an annoyance that doesn’t really need to be there without a alternative form of transportation. The upcoming blueprint changes (https://trello.com/c/0uKYbycD/169-modify-researching-to-extend-gameplay) are going to force the player to destroy the same item 4-5 times (20-30% per research), and advancing is going to be more of a challenge. Between being raided, which is an enjoyable experience and portion of the game, the new transportation limits, and finally, the research changes, will make progression near the probability of very unlikely. That is, of course, unless you actually play the game in a addictive nature. I know people hate when companies cater to the “casuals”, but making decisions such as above seem to me that the overall objective is now to force a certain portion of players out of the game.

What is your opinion on this matter? I’m curious to see your thoughts, or perhaps a plan you may have to counterattack this new imposed limitation.

Dude… you can read minds or so?
Just wanted to post a thread about this!
Mortal Online got a very welll weight system so far.
If you carry too much… u cant walk… or you walk very slow, fall sometimes n stuff.
You cant swimm if you carry much stuff with you.
If you wear kevlar… you couldnt swim either… yeah kevlar should also have its downs.
I could think about much more stuff… being able to carry 5000 Woodplanks doesnt make
ANY sense to me in a so called “survival” game.

I think the inventory weight idea is stupid. However, armour making you move slower is a nice idea.

I don’t like limitation to inventory, wearing specific items or welding specific items to make you run slower is a bit obnoxious, but for the style of game it could fit.

I’ve noticed with any game having slow and stale movement is extremely damaging to gameplay – notice how some of the best games have the best movement? There’s a reason for it. :slight_smile:

I agree, I like the idea if your full kevlar with an assult rifle you move slower than someone with cloth armor and a bow.

Logically speaking it is a decent addition to the game. However, it is still a game and you want it to have an enjoyable feel to it. Some portions of games should stray from logic to keep a good flow in the game. I’m still torn on this topic.

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Everquest did this, and I think we all know how that one ended. :slight_smile:

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This is something tolerable, as gear can be exchanged depending on your objective. May add an element to PVP (Kevlar = defensive playstyle, leather = an aggressive playstyle, with each offering pros and cons even down to making cloth viable(?).)

Its funny people bitch about how people carry around so many guns and c4, well guess what you add a weight limit you won’t be able to carry around a m4, pistol, shot gun, resources, and c4 with you if it is implemented. I like the idea of making the game harder and this will really help out with people just running around doing nothing but raiding and killing people.

I think that its just one of those things we will have to wait and see HOW they implement it and keep in mind that it IS still an alpha. They may make changes that dont work well, so they are likely to make changes to their changes… So on and so forth until they work… You know?

But yeah. It could be something small like a 5% movement speed reduction rate, or it could be equivalent to the “crafting” movement speed which would be unbelievably annoying. We will just have to wait and see.

I think with their wording there will be an overload point, that will render us incapable of moving at all. Not just a reduction from having a “heavy” inventory. It will be a scaling effect where you’ll gradually become slower to the point of not moving.

an inventory system where items take up space based on size would make much more sense, and you wouldn’t have to worry about movement issues. Of course this would be 100% realistic (a full pile of logs take up 4 slots is what i had in mind) but its much better than what we have currently.

Yeah, moving at 10cm/s really is something I really want after raiding a base.

As this suppose to be a survival game I give you a +1.

My concern about it is that it makes you an easy and valuable target.
If you see a guy walking slowly around its most likely that he has a lot of stuff.

Only chance they’d ever be able to hit a target.

:smile: Yeah - takes only bow and arrow to kill a dude with a shotgun.

That is the whole point of it, it makes your inventory spaces more valuable than the guns you loot. After this update you will have to choose wisely what items you take with you and what you leave behind.

What you’ve said right here is exactly what is going to make this feature so great. Right now there is absolutely no trade-off in looting items, unless your inventory is full. With these limitations, there’s going to be a trade-off with items that you can carry if you want to move quickly. I think that trade-off is a much-needed improvement in this game.

Please, no Fallout 3 - NV inventory system