Weight of our Brothers.

I finally had an idea, sorry to the person who had that Heaven idea, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t an inspiration.



Critism please.

Explanation of the picture:
[sp]Since I’m terrible at implying meanings through imagery, the idea of the image is that the middle guy is in a limbo-type state. The two leaning on him represent the weight and burden of his loss, and the (implied) endless rows of helmets are used to imply the deaths endured.[/sp]

And a massive thanks to Jenkins, great assistance man.

The facial expressions on the two guys is kinda weird
Looks like they’re trying to assimilate him
Still a cool picture though

Make it black & white?

The skin tone difference between the middle guy and everyone else is weird. The rain(?) doesn’t match the sand, and the sand with all the guns looks really plain compared to the complexity of the rest of the scene.

I really like this though, like, quite a bit. Good job!

I think the model you used for the main guy is kinda weird. Other than that, nice idea.

This evidently didn’t turn out anywhere neear as well as I’d thought it did, but thanks for the criticism people.

Nah, is p good!

Always room for improvement