Weight panting the Clavicle.

So, i’m learning on how to make playermodels with Timbleweebs Tutorial series (Which is amazing by the way), now he skips most of the weight painting part just for teaching purposes. I’m trying to make a Cute Deadpool with a ragdoll that was uploaded on the workshop, so i had to replace his skeleton with an existing playermodel’s skeleton. Ok, now that i’m weight painting in total detail, the one thing that concerns me are the Clavicle bones, that shit’s confusing when you have flesh on top of it.

Not sure if i’m doing it correctly or not, if it’s completely wrong, then please tell me my mistakes.

You should attempt to weigh the parts physically closest to the clavicle more strongly to the clavicle bone, and as you move further away from the clavicle bone you should try to weigh it in a gradient to the next closest bones.

Basically, the closer you get to the shoulder bone from the clavicle, the more you weigh the shoulder bone for those sections. If the area closest to the clavicle set painted 100% to the clavicle, and the bone closest to the shoulder is 100% painted, then the point halfway between both those bones is roughly painted 50% to each bone.