Weight STool

Look, I know someone made a STool for this, but these are requests for putting things in the game, and I think this is a very, VERY major thing that needs to be included by default. It’s something that should be in everyone’s Gmod, whether they download addons or not.

download it…

Agreed, it would be great if it was included in Garry’s Mod.

Would be cool if it were on GMOD by default, agreed with this.

This honestly is one tool that should always have been in GMod.

are you that lazy?

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Read the thread

And stop rating yourself

lol, yea, i hate people who rate their self -_-"

This has shit all to do with being lazy.

The Weight STool is one of those basic tools that GMod should have as default.

  1. I didnt rate myself 2. Are you gonna weight (lol) for garry to implement this instead of downloading it.

This is one of the tools that you shouldn’t need to download. I already have it downloaded, of course, but this is so basic and essential it really should come with gmod by default.

is there really a good reason to not put it in with Gmod? it’s a very basic tool that everyone should have. plain and simple.


although, it should say mass instead of weight.

But then people would whine begging for their favorite tool to be added.

No, I’m sure everyone in this thread already has downloaded it, I have. The suggestion of it being in vanilla GMod has nothing to do with being lazy, as I’ve said already.

The point is, this is one of those basic tools GMod needs, like the colour tool or the material tool (in fact, as far as raw functionality of a contraption goes it’s more important).