Hi all,

I was wondering how the concept of weight and movement speed would be received.

In a kind of throwback from some classic dungeon crawlers the idea of carrying too much and becoming encumbered, though frustrating, was an interesting element of play.

Obviously bag space is a little unrealistic in that you can only carry a few stacks of bandages, yet enough pillars to model the canary wharf. I envisage a slowdown in movement speed based on the ‘weight’ of the items you carry. It could make loot runs a little more risky, adding another dimension to bandits waiting in ambush. Perhaps you’d need to loot in teams, i.e. light load support (fights defending bombers etc). Perhaps other physics could come into play such as increased fall damage with more weight. As a defense for the ‘bomber’ it would be cool to have a feature to throw your rucksack as you flee knowing you couldn’t outrun you assailant (similar to a cache)

The mechanics of some of this seem to be in place already (ie slow movement upon injury).

Personally I favour a ‘realistic’ style of play and just like decay, I’m sure this could be a feature that admins could just ignore/turn off.

What do you think?

I Noticed you mentioned bombers, wouldn’t it be cool if you were to shoot someone with C4 in their backpack and they would just violently explode? :smiley:

ahaha, that’d certainly add an element of risk to carrying explosives!

While the basic principle of that would be pretty cool (shoot explosive; make it go boom) the mechanics wouldn’t really work for C4, and wouldn’t even be reliable when shooting dynamite unless the shot hit a piece of metal and caused a spark (although a flaming arrow would work for dynamite). You’d have to be shooting a pack full of nitro to cause an explosion.


C4 doesn’t explode when shot… although technically in the game it’s an “Explosive Charge” so it may or may not actually be C4… Judging by how one can carry so much around and run all over the place and fall off cliffs and it DOESN’T blow up is evidence that it’s certainly not nitroglycerin.
… not that any of this matters lol.

we need to move back to the days of unstable dynamite! (at least on my server :D)