Weighting Problem

Hey there, just a quick question on weighting :slight_smile:

Why would something that’s weighted exactly the same, move at different speeds?

As you can see, the jaw armor, doesn’t want to move with the head?

Obviously, the head isnt going to move in my example, but when the head turns, the chin likes to pop through the armor, and the armor just doesnt seem organic, as it is not moving with the head properly.

I’ve made sure its all painted inside and out, and its all weight the same, I even tried lowering the weight on the head (and keeping the jaw armor the same) but it proved no help.

Thanks in advance!


Make sure you check ‘Auto-normalize’ or something like that in the weight paint panel, and re-weight the model again

Worked like a charm. Not sure what auto normalize is, but it worked like a charm.


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