Weird 8-bit colour texture error on reskinned Francis facemap

This is the problem. When I get closer or zoom, the “pixels” fade and the skin becomes visible.

What would cause this? something in VMTs?

I’ve had this problem before, what program are you using to edit the texture?

I convert it to a .tga with VTFEdit, then edit it in GIMP, then convert it back to .vtf with VTFEdit again.

save texture as .png, import to vtfedit, save files. I dunno why you’re doing it the unnecessarily difficult way…

Well, the way I do it has worked so far… And I tried that, doesn’t work.

Oh great, same problem with reskinned Zoey now.

she looks like she’s wearing a disco ball

pretty cool glitch

Problem solved, “No Level of Detail” and “No Minimum Mipmap” were unchecked.