weird "antihack!" glitch?(rubberbanding)

ok so i checked my internet and it isnt that. my internet is getting 80 download 10 upload and ping was always around 60 to that server. i would be playing with my friends and were just running around and stuff but when i got close to other players i didnt know i would start to rubberband VERY BADLY to the point where fighting wasnt gonna work. when this happened near the chat it would just spam “antihack!” a bunch of times. i went on another server= this time my ping was 140 but on that server me and my friends got in multiple fights with no desync or rubberbanding. when i shot someone i actually got the hit marker sound and they dropped. on that same server me and FOUR other friends were going to an airdrop. we stopped for a minute i looked behind us and 3 guys were running our way. then now me and my friend started to rubberband to the point where combat wasnt gonna work again. and last but not least. i went on another server yesterday with me and 2 other unknowns. i was sneaking up on them and i aimed in, shot him in the head. then started to rubberband really bad and it was also saying antihack in the chat. im assuming either the server is having a hard time registering a certain amount of players in the area or its a bug with the anticheat? if someone could please help that would be great cause this makes the game usually unplayable for me cause i like the pvp. also no one else was having this problem on the servers. except that one with me and just my friend

It could be packet loss. When i’m rubberbanded but my ping is stable it’s seemingly always the result of 8-10% packet loss that i infrequently encounter.

I think you can check by pinging the server that you’re connected to but outside of that i’m not sure how I can help.

alright all good. some other people i asked are saying its probably packet loss as well but could also be server plugins maybe. ill just try on a vanilla server

ok i guess no one knows an actual solution. weird. was playing last night with a friend for like 5 hours and had no problems at all. then acouple minutes before i logged off it started happening again. logged on today and im getting it every 2 minutes. making the game unplayable. oh yeah and im on a different server. ping is 60

HELLOOOO can someone help please this damm post has 230 views what the fuck

if you have rubberbanding, its probably your internet. doesnt mean that because you get 80/10 Mbps at some point that your internet is always stable. I get 50Mbps but my internet sucks so much during peak time (evenings), the packetloss get between 10-50% and rust rubberband to the point of being unplayable.

It could also be the server. if the server is having whatever problem it can cause rubberbanding.

ah ok. i guess it is my internet. hmm. when i was connected wireless on my laptop i didnt have any loss issues but wired on my pc gets 100% all the time

Had a strange moment myself when my axe was almost broken but made the broken sound before its durability expired. Anticheat alert popped up as soon as the sound happened but the item didn’t break. Strange.

be glad u dont have what i have 24/7

what’s going on?

did u read the description?

Unity bug…most of us just gave up :stuck_out_tongue: