Weird Bug: Every Prop I Spawn Has The Same Texture (Material)

As the title says. Every prop I spawn has the same texture applied to it, by default. How to I fix this?

This shows what my props look like:

It is the most annoying thing, especially since I’m an advanced builder so I spawn a lot of props when building detailed things.

How can this be fixed/reverted?

try disabling addons first

Well, let me describe what I did before this bug happened. The owner of the server built a ~1000 prop maze and had me help him apply this texture to all of the walls (the texture you see in the image above). Now when I reconnect to ANY server, every one of my props has this texture applied to them.

ask if other people can see that texture on your props
if they cant then something has fucked your gmod up and you should try removing/disabling all addons
if they can then show me your ways oh great master of props

I’ve had this issue before.

I’m not sure if this might work for you, but type “colmat_spawned 0” in console.

This ^, if you have the ColorMater tool it has an option for ‘Apply material to spawned props’.

Someone on the server I play on said the same thing. This is the solution, once I unchecked it everything was fine.