Weird coincidence involving my RP name

I used to go on the Melonbrew server back in '06 under the name, “Tyler Hawkins”. Regardless of if anyone remembers me, just look at this, and this, and imagine how odd I feel.

As far as anyone I would know for a fact that would know who I am, the only name I can remember from then is “Tipple”. I don’t know if he’s around anymore, but I remember playing with him when I was on the server.

You’re Robert Pattinson! Kill it, kill it with fire!

Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:
Strange coincidence.

The first name Tyler and the last name Hawkins aren’t that out of the ordinary.

I once met a guy with the same RP name as me, but mine was Matthew Allen, so it could be a pretty popular name

Heh. Strange.