Weird Compiling Issue.

Okay after getting to a certain point in my map progress I wanted to compile and test it, but
I waited about half an hour and it froze, but I waited another 2 and a half hours and nothing happened at
all. The computer I’m mapping on has a Quad core processor, 8 gigs of Ram and a 640 gig hard drive so I doubt that would be it. The graphics card is kinda crap but compiling should just be internal since it’s not rendering anything graphic wise right?

I'd post the compile log but I can't copy it since freezes

Tried restarting Steam?

Yes that’s an obvious first thing to try.

Any other ideas?

Where it freezes?

its possible for some maps to take weeks to compile try to optimize it

What do you mean? Restarting it while it’s frozen? Hammer was still frozen and steam was up
so that doesn’t really fix my problem.

I’m still not entirely sure what your asking me?

what part of compile does it freeze i think he means.

Yeah I know but it doesn’t get any progress at all. It just sits there all frozen like… D:
I’m really clueless about optimization techniques. ._. I use the nodraw texture on parts of brushes
you don’t see in the map? I was told that’s one method.
Any others?

What stage is the compile process on? PortalFlow? Run vvis.exe on fast.

So the compile process froze, you restarted Steam and tried to compile again and it still froze?

Yeah it’s on portal flow.
If you need an idea of the map size I might be able to get a picture



OK, upload a screenshot.

Heavy work in progress.

You need to func_detail anything that improperly or unnecessarily cuts the visleafs, also try and use a func_viscluster for that large open space, portalflow should go really fast after that…

If you are compiling from the hammer gui in vista it will appear that it has crashed however that is not the case, if you open up task manager and go to the processes tab you will notice that vxxx.exe is consuming 99% of your CPU and is working correctly.

You still need to optimize.

Protip: Add -low to the advanced compile options after vxxx.exe so that you are able to do other things while it compiles
Note: You will not be able to load any in-game source content or a source game, while it is compiling.

I’ll look into it, Thanks. =D