Weird Crash Messages. Please Help!

Whenever i start playing, anytime i press a button, a box comes up asking me, “do you want to crash this server?”, with the option of yes or no. this makes it impossible to play the game, as it it freezes my cursor and makes it immobile. i haven’t been able to play Gmod in a while, and your help would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe you have some sort of retarded lua file you downloaded. Try a clear install of garrysmod.

Type bind w +forward in console.

Ohh, read it wrong. Sounds like some douche used a glitch to mess up your files. I’m pretty sure if you delete your config(rename it to be safe) and started garrysmod you will get a new one.

  1. Exploit, not glitch
  2. Cleaning GMod, or even config files is un-neccisary(sp?). Simply rebind the w key as I said.

But he said any key, so I doubt it’s limited to the W key.

I deliberately joined the server that gave this out a few months ago; it bound your W key to query an SQL database and then run that string. It is only his W key that has been affected, and he thinks it might be every key (Since we all hit W within the first few key presses)

Actually W,A,S,D, and Q are all affected as far as i’m concerned.

It rebinds your keys. Just rebind them back and delete any cfg file that say chrisaster in your cfg folder.

sorry for being a huge noob, but how do i rebind keys?

Either hit <ESC> and go to options or type “bind w +forward” in console.

Off Topic - They’ll have a harder time fuckin’ with my forward movement - I use a non-standard key for forward, and W is bound to “ulx hp lava 9001”