Weird crashing when I shoot certain models

I hope I’m doing something right… Here I go.

I noticed a very rare problem with some of the models I’ve downloaded from the Garry’s Mod Workshop, the NH-90 helicopter ( and the Tenryu (the cruiser, *not *the girl;

It’s all fine and dandy, and the models spawn and can be posed perfectly fine. But when I shoot them with a weapon (I tested with the hl2 guns), it crashes my game. I could work around by not shooting said models, but it’s annoying nonetheless.

My only clue is the console error when I first spawn any of the affected models: “[INSERT .MDL NAME HERE].mdl needs to be recompiled”. I tried asking Kali on the NH90 workshop page, but Kali sadly had no clue but claims it may have something to do with the complexity of the model (the helicopter model was ported from COD: Ghosts). Furthermore, I tested with Kali’s osprey as well as the Mi-28 from Battlefield 4 (a game with the same graphical complexity as Ghosts), which didn’t have the recompile error, and were perfectly fine when I shot those.

Is it some problem on my end, and meanwhile someone else can shoot their NH-90 model with a gun fine? Am I just unlucky to be the ones who can’t, or is there really an error in the model compilation? What may it be? Thanks if anyone can answer.

Can anyone try and test with those affected models?