Weird CT standing on a dead guy

Hellsing based picture posed by D4RkHaZz and edited by me.

Here is the (almost) unedited version:

Comments please :smiley:

It looks strange, in a good way. I like the cell shading effect.

It’s indeed somewhat weird, but it’s pretty good.

I love this pose. Good work.

The teeth look weird,but the pose it good and the Moon Light/Smoke/Eye Glow looks good too!
And I love the Hellsing reference.

Artistic for you.

Nice style.

The eyes look… Strange.

Looks nice.

What the hell? Those eyes…

Cell shading doesn’t really work with DoF blur

Yea, and the weird lighting from the moon doesn’t help either.

I lol’d.

Ey, who renamed my thread? Silly moderators :]

Atleast he doesnt make the thread look stupid, uberslug once renamed my thread to “Some retard shooting some other retard”

I lolled at the guy’s face.

Yeah I love the cell-shade effect.

Reminds me of hellsing ALOT
Hellsing agency random schmos not being vampires-UNCHECK

reminds me of hellsing

In the manga series, if I’m not wrong, some soldiers become/are vampires :v:

oh shit hivemind :open_mouth:


well that explains why

Got a little captain in you?

Nice pose :smiley: