Weird cut on my brush

one of my map part has this weird cut on the brushes.
heres some pitcures

this weird thing is messing with my map’s lighting on that area. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is the floor made of one solid brush, or is it several brushes? From the way the visleaves are made, it looks like the floor brushes are pie slices, which can cause problems due to brush corruption. If this is the case, delete all of the floor brushes and make it one contiguous brush.

If the floor is one contiguous brush, try changing the red carpet wheel into func_brush instead of func_detail. You can also try to reduce the lightmap scale on the floor from 16 to 4.

the circular floor is made of several brushes , i made them using arch tool. i guess i need to remake the circular floor . is there any way i can make a circular floor without using the arch tool?

Try cylinder

alright that would do ,i would like to say thank you gigabite and agoose for helping me out.

If you need oddly shaped brushes, use the clipping tool. Select the clip tool while the brush you want to clip is selected, then drag the clip line across and press enter. Clicking the clip tool button multiple times toggles between which side of the brush will be clipped (white side will be kept, red will be clipped) or a third mode where it chops the brush in half (both sides are white.)

shit… im still having problems with this. i tried remaking the circular floor using cylinder block and the results… are the same like before. the floor keeps cutting into weird shits again. i also tried hiding the red wheel at the middle too and it’s still the same.

From the way vvis cuts the leafs it looks a bkt like that cylinder isn’t a func_detail … Try that

the cylinder floor or the circular thing at the middle

The red cylinder … Otherwise make the floor have a lightmaps sale of 2 so maybe the shadows reveille where theyre coming from. Is there a big model somewhere in the map that is somehow casting wrong shadows? Have you tried compiling with -StaticPropPolys ?

i change the floor lightmap to 4 and the weird black shadows are reduced , but there are still some area but it is unnoticeable by players , after that i turn on mat_wireframe and the visleafs looks that it doubled itself.

Lightmap scale does not impact visleafs.

Yes they do. If what this says is true:

New visleaves are created on the X/Y axes for every face chop. Face chops on walls will not impact visleaf creation unless they block the Z plane of a visleaf.

Visleafs impact how faces get split, not the other way around. Are you thinking of this?