Weird DarkRP error spam in the console.

Fresh install SVN of DarkRP.

ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘HUDPaint’ Failed: [DarkRP\gamemode\cl_hud.lua:124] attempt to index global ‘DarkRPAgendas’ (a nil value)

I get that being spammed in the console, and overall things seeming broken.

It works fine if I just download an old version and place it in gamemodes, but the SVN version is giving me a ton of errors.

An SVN is not a stable release of whatever your downloading. An SVN is updated by the creator everytime they make changes, as such things may be broken with it.

Thing is, he can’t have installed the SVN correctly, as there is nothing wrong with the SVN itself.

Try redownloading the SVN.

I know how a svn works.

Does anyone know the last stable version? Current is 1019.