WEIRD DarkRP Problem

Hey there,

I’m launching a server, and I’m getting this very weird crashing issue. The server can run fine for hours, however when ONE particular person joins, the server crashes. I’ve removed all addons, and tested this more times than I can count. Each time this player joins, the server crashes. Any ideas? There are no errors in console whatsoever.

What person?

Check console and server console to check if they are doing something. Also put it on here obviously

The person is a friend, and a new staff member. I don’t think he’d be doing anything malicious.

You might have some addon such as an inventory, loadout saver etc. that tries to give him unexistant or crashy weapon.

issue is likely related to cami ulx and fadmin

to fix this (what worked for me) i grabbed the latest STABLE version of ulx (not from github) and installed it
Also update to latest darkrp version while you are at it

oops probably late on this XD