Weird "desync" problem

Hello! I am currently playing on US Central 4 (LARGE) official and when I enter the game everything is fine but my character will randomly “desync” from the game and when this happens I can’t switch to any items or use anything, I can still walk around and see what everyone else is doing in real time but to other players my body is sleeping on the ground while I can walk around and do nothing. Once I re-log I spawn where my body was sleeping. I’ve tried reloading the game, dying, restarting my computer etc.

If anyone knows of this and or has a fix please let me know!

edit: here is a video showing what I see

Try turning on dmz mode on your router. If that doesn’t work you’ll probably have to wait for a patch to fix it.

Do you think it could be a network issue? I could try rebooting the router and modem and see how that goes

try connecting directly into your modem not through router and see if this desync problem still happens. yes reset both modem and router

Tested it, watched someone kill my sleeping body due to this de-sync and lost some shit :S
Reset my modem and router + flushed my DNS

still having issues, gonna try a different server and see if it happens

Edit: Tried a different server, had no issues… only Central 4 Large is giving me the de-sync :S but thats where all my friends are playing

I have the same thing.
After ~20 mins into the game I get this de-sync.
I have to disconnect from the server and reconnect again every 20 minutes.
Otherwise my virtual body will just stand still on the spot where I desynced without me knowing it, while I play on.
But from that point on I cannot interact with anything anymore.
I don’t receive stuff from harvesting, I can hit an animal a million times and it doesn’t die.
On my screen it looks normal, but the server does not see me doing anything.
I got killed a couple times already while desynced.

I have this problem on the official Belgian server.

I will try out another server coming week.

Edit typo

I have the same problem and turning your router into DMZ doesn’t change anything. One of my computer works fine while it doesn’t work with the other (same ethernet connection).
This bug was fixed just one day before the censorship update when desyncs problems came back …
Since the game was realse i could play juste one time. I guess dev aren’t hurried to fix it.

I have the same issue, every 5-10 minutes i desync, tried DMZ and a few other things, my FPS are really good and the game runs very smooth. In other similar games i don´t have this issue. It is a bit strange because it doesn´t matter if i stand still or move or use a weapon it comes irregular but consistent. If i wait a few minutes (2-3min) or quickly disconnect and reconnect everything is normal again. Tried a few Server, official and community, everywhere the same.

Windows 7 64 Bit
8GB Ram
Quad Core AMD Processor
ATI Radeon 4800 Series

Well if it helps… I found out that it had something to do with voice chat, when ever I hit V my character would go into the “desync” mode.

Solution: don’t use voice chat on the server that desyncs you when you voice chat :slight_smile:

I have heard this too. But only from some people, others state this may occur randomly over a fixed amount of time.

Nope, didn´t use Voicechat, but thanks for the reply.

yeah no problem, here is a video I just made showing what happens from my point of view:

Do you have an ASUS motherboard?

Negative, I’m using some dell motherboard with an i5 quad core 760 processor along with a GTX 760

Meister, see my thread about this. A lot of us are using ASUS boards and experiencing it without using VoiP