Weird display errors.

Hey guys, recently I’ve been noticing some funky display problems. On my server that runs wire_construct_rc, sometimes the most random props will look as if they have that really shiny “cubemap” texture applied to them. As an example, the top part of a jeep seat will have a mirror like sheen, but the bottom part is fine.

I’ve been living with it so far but i decided to install some models and am having more problems and am going insane! All of my models i have installed now are showing their textures properly, but they they look like they reflecting the light of 5 suns. For example, the fallout3 tesla armor looks fine, all the effects are there (except for some slightly purple and black squares in the tank on the back, but that is hardly noticable), but i have these really bright lines just going all over the model, and they change depending on the direction i’m facing. I’m 100% sure it’s not supposed to be like that. It works fine on single player.

Just a sidenote, every time i enter the server i get “redownloading lightmaps” in the console, not sure what that means.

Help would be extremely welcome.

Maybe the cubemap of the map on your server is corrupted?

Seems like it happens on flatgrass too.

Here are some pictures. Notice the black boxes on two of the models, the super reflectiveness of the outcast power armor, and the purple boxes in the tank on the tesla armor.

Also, it should be noted that i get a few "Failed, using default cubemapengine/defaultcubemap’" every time i started a game. I’m at a loss of what to do. Reinstalling now, but i doubt that will fix it.