weird effect raping rp servers


Texture tool? I think i saw that one once…

It’s a custom server STool. You’d have to ask the server owner about it.

Isn’t that usually when you place a explosion effect inside the 3d skybox?

its an effect

Yeah, that’s the explosion effect model being placed inside the 3D skybox of the map.

Yea but I made it so that u can’t spawn effects. Like maxeffects 0. And people use there toolgun to spawn it


sbox_maxeffects 0

thats not it… people can still spawn it with a toolgun somehow even with effects to 0

It’s also an exploit in the Door Stool.

local whitelist = {“models/props_combine/combine_door01.mdl”, “models/props_lab/elevatordoor.mdl”, “models/props_lab/elevatordoor.mdl”, “models/props_doors/doorKLab01.mdl”, “models/props_c17/door01_left.mdl”, “models/”}
for _,name in pairs(whitelist) do
if (model == name) then
found = true;

Add that to the door Stool code, under function TOOL:LeftClick( tr )

Complete door code in case you fail to add code to a function.


So how do they even do it? how do they get the effect in there?


door_model [model]

OP Is Choo/BananasRP


[lua]hook.Add( “PlayerSpawnEffect”,“DisallowEffectsanbananana”, function(ply)
ply:Ban(60,“1 Hour Hope you learned your lesson”)
RunConsoleCommand(“addip”,“60”,ply:IPAddress()) // If they haven’t saved your ip will stop dos attacks before & after and easy to track down in wireshark or daf protection.
timer.Simple(3, function() RunConsoleCommand(“writeip”) end) // writes it to a file to save
return false // stops execution of the effect

Hope that helped Server side code goes in init.lua don’t add to shared or cl_init


It all make sense.

I don’t get why that’s a Morality issue? The guy asked for a mod to be made before? Very simple mod and was willing to pay for what, 15minutes work.

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Sorry I should have mentioned, I didn’t add the whitelist function. I know it’s only a small lua segment but I know how anal you kids can get ;). No idea who made it, some random guy threw me the code as I was about to make it myself.

You can actually exploit the tool more than by just creating models of all kind.

For example, You can create lua entities, perma-props, game entities(ie climable ladders), and point entities which in theory allow controlling the server in somewhat similiar manner as ent fire but through lua.

Obviously not all entities work correctly through this so its possible create areas which crash or disconnect players on render, or crash the server entirely.

Why the hell did you edit your original post? Now people won’t know what issue was solved here.

So people who are not fucking morons and search for fixes will find nothing, I now regret helping you.