Weird errors

When ever I start a map, any map, it’s fine. But when I change the map , or it’s voted I get this: and this:

I don’t know what is wrong I’ve tried reinstalling Garry’s mod, and getting rid of all my addons and it’s still giving me this.
If I leave it alone some props will slowly start to disappear, if I keep changing the map.

Any help on this.

Are you just clicking the delete local content button?
I had issues where I thought I was reinstalling gmod before but really it was saving all of the info that was causing me issues.

I solved it by going into my steamapps folder renaming garrysmod to garrysmod2 then launching the game and downloading it and then deleting the 2 folder. That ensures that it is a clean install and no left over stuff.

This should be fixed in next update.