Weird focus bug

I made a menu out of a modified DPropertySheet, it all works, but I discovered something weird.

When I have a sheet with a textbox in it, and I try to click it, it doesn’t focus, the same for a textbox on a webpage. Also when I press F1 when the menu is openend, it has to close, but doesn’t do anything.

On the creation of the model I called MakePopup() which displays the menu and set the mouse input correctly, but the keyboard doesn’t.

Does DPropertySheet supports MakePopup correctly?

I can’t post the code since it is kinda copyrighted for a community and don’t want other people to copy it.

I noticed something like that too with my DPropertySheet admin menu…

Found it, you will have to create a new DPropertySheet, and then end of the file where

derma.DefineControl( "DPropertySheet", "", PANEL, "Panel" )

is, you have to change that to

derma.DefineControl( "DPropertySheet", "", PANEL, "EditablePanel" )

then is should work. As stated in the documentation: Base panel used by DFrame, this panel is needed so that elements such as the TextEntry can obtain focus.