Weird FPS cap

Well, the thing is simple but very weird,

When I look to get ground FPS cap to 100
When I look horizontally FPS cap to 50…
When I look up FPS cap to 60

wth? does this happen to anyone else…? is it unity web player sided or game based? I’ve read there’s a way to set the FPS cap when you make a unity game
most of the time im looking horizontally of course lol so playing on 50 fps sucks bad3

anyone knows of an old unity web player version without fps limit or best browser for performance on 64bit windows 7?


The difference between the angles is cause when you look at the grounds your GPU does not have to render that much stuff but horizontally it does have to render the trees, houses and everything.

No, its not the max my GPU can get to, the FPS is CAPPING at 50, not going higher or lower, I can move the camera down very slowly and it’ll stay at 50 and then at one point, within 0.1 seconds FPS will hop to 100

Because the game will stop rendering things it can’t see: It’s called render culling. Once your camera angle points downwards to a certain point, it’ll stop needing to draw almost the entire world, and all it needs to do then is draw a ground texture, something it can do much faster than drawing a landscape.

It’s not capping at anything, you’re giving it varying levels of things to do, and when you move your camera around from left to right, sweeping across the landscape, it has a lot to draw. If you point straight at the floor, it has almost nothing to draw.

Please don’t reply if you don’t know what you’re talking about, and yes, its a damn cap and I fixed it already.

Have you? Could you tell us how to do that?

Sure, made a thread about it,

This is the Unity Webplayer being weird, it doesn’t like projects of our scope & size. Don’t worry, we’re moving to a standalone client soon… :slight_smile:

Amazing :stuck_out_tongue: Been waiting for standalone so bad heh. By the way, I think the problem is on the unity webplayer version and another reason for low performance is that webplayer caps RAM usage to 2GB, I don’t know if you’re capable of changing that tho.

webplayer caps ram usage to 2GB because it’s a 32bit process.

Explain how installing a 64-bit version of the Unity Web Player removed FPS caps on Rust, then.