Weird Fps Problem

about 1-2 weeks ago when i bought Rust on steam it was perfectly playable for me i played on Fantastic graphics 1920x1080 60 fps, everything just maxed out.
so about 1 day ago when i wanted to play some rust again after a small break i launched it joined a server and 1-3 fps i have no clue what the problem is.
i’ve done everything to fix this but nothing will work and trust me Everything, checked for driver updates, grass.on false,-force-d3d11, -force-feature-level-9-3,2,1, lowered all graphics,windowed,Re-installed the game(so pretty much everything ive found on the interwebs ive tested).
and i bet some of you will tell me to wait for an update but what could the devs have fucked up the fps becouse i cant be the only one.

if you got any advice please help :slight_smile:

dev branch or regular patch?

I ask because lately the last couple dev branch patches have seemed to take a slight hit in performance for me (I use the same launch options you do, all settings on low, etc) and had to revert to just standard alpha patch. Though nothing in the dev branch, from my testing, has dropped my framerate that drastically to 1-3.

I can confirm this.

While the framerate has dropped on DEV Version, the game is still very much playable for the average person. If you want to be competitive in PvP you might have some problems.

I would say the performance is 20-30% worse on DEV Version.

I am awaiting for that patch where you will be allowed to toggle view distance, that should take a lot of load from GPU at least. It won’t render that much anymore.

one suggestion: Make it render player models regardless of view distance, that shouldn’t be altered, because it would be game breaking.

The biggest issue I see right now is that the performance is crippled by all those rocks, its been like that ever since they updated. Actually it was worse before, now it’s better, but still.

Everybody building structures around, think about it, add that up to all the trees rocks , zombies etc that are already in there.

Yeah but apparently none can answer why some people have 1-3 fps…