Weird glitches.

I have a glitch in Garry’s Mod, when I open the game menu, it works fine, but when I close the game menu, the game menu outline is cutting through everything else. Also, when I hit someone, red boxes are around the blood. How do I fix this?

you dont have the hl2 textures or css textures

I do.

do you have hl2 episode 2?

what games do you have

the orange box and counter strike: source

I think I had this problem, try going to launch options and put -dxlevel 8 (i think thats it)

I did, it doesnt work, oh, and now I can only play garry’s mod for about 10 seconds. Thanks >:(

sorry about that, i dont know then

It’s ok. I fixed it. I typed in -dxlevel 9. But now If i fire rapid fire weapons, My ialmrnt5 display driver goes beserk.

Don’t use -dxlevel, the red boxes only means you have a bad graphics card