Weird GMOD Glitch/Screen Things (NEED HELP)

Well anyways, I have been living with this annoying glitch for forever now. And I can’t take it anymore, it’s very weird and hard to explain. So I took a video, showing you my settings, and hoping you guys can help me with this problem. And while you are on my channel, please leave a like and subscribe, it helps. To best see the glitch, watch the video on fullscreen and on 1080p

For the YouTube video please click HERE

Sounds like more of an advertisment than a Help & Support thread.

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Also, not a glitch: You do not have Counter Strike Source mounted / installed / bought, which is necessary for 90% of servers.

Well, I have it bought, but at Christmas I bought a new gaming PC, and I didn’t download CSS, which I am doing now, that’s what everyone is saying. Thanks for the help!

Remember to mount it using the game controller in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  1. Are you a guy or girl?
  2. Don’t tell us to like, comment, rate, and subscribe to you showing off a glitch.
  3. Buy Counter-Strike: Source.

You should remove this thread before you get banned. Don’t post Help threads.

I wouldn’t worry, mods have already looked over it