Weird GMod problem

Hiya guys, ive gto this weird problem where it dissconnects and says i got a maicous bind when i move PLEASE HELP!!!


…If you’re a girl: Tits and I’ll help.

If you’re a boy: You’re on your own, Mate. :v:

But seriously… No fucking clue.

Lol wut ?

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I think it might be an error in your files that you can simply delete.

That, or its a virus.

Try deleting your binds.

The bind/file might be in your movment controls, seeing as how you always get it when you move?

That, or your FPS sucks horribly.

ive got a good computer and ive deleted all my addons and removed gmod

now help him… I mean her.

hmmmmmmmmm well what do i do if its a virus???

Use This:

ive got avast…

Use it, Damnit!

what does it do???

im using avast

Run an antivirus scan. I didn’t think they were hinting it enough, do you?

im running avast ANITE VIRUS its scanning all my steam now…

why would a keybind appear as a virus?

yeahi know ???also when i tried to join a game it said this (my freind who i treid to join spotted this)

Player One Legged Bannana left the game (Kicked by Console : You have a malicious bind, type 'key_f


computer haunted

call a priest

wtf lol also i got garry to bless my game but it never worked virus check results = 0 virus…WTF

You can’t get viruses on gmod, only malicious exploits m8, Manipulating Clients DLL using a server Module ect.