Weird graphics after changing to Windows 7

I have changed from Linux (where the game ran flawless at maximum settings) to Windows 7 and this is how everything looks now:

I have a HP Pavilion G6 2305sq (AMD Radeon HD 7670M 2GB). I don’t know if its my machine (although every other game works fine) or Rust. There are other glitches related to the terrain/environmental effects, like the main menu background not being loaded after disconnecting (I only see the blue sky)

Were you playing on the experimental build before?

Because you are now.

I get this too. It has something to do with reflections. If you turn them off, you can barely see the glitter.
I’m using Windows 7 myself, no service pack.
We’ll have to wait patiently, garry knows about this already.

Seme think on W8.1.1 x64 (Catalyst 14.6) but it’s intermitent

Do you have any other kind of reply than this lazy, over-used one?
Of course I know this is experimental and this is expected but I just wanted to know if somebody else experience it and make sure the problem reaches the developers, who can fix it. If there’s a place where players can post and track bugs then just let me know. Maybe this forum is for something else and I don’t know?

How is that lazy and over-used when I’ve never asked that question in this type of context before?

You didn’t make it clear that you were running the experimental on Linux before you switched over. Rather than make assumptions, I asked for clarification.

As for this particular effect, it’s known. P.S. You missed the Rust Bug Reports forum on the way to the New Thread button. They’re mere inches apart.

use ( -force-d3d11 ) in launch options for rust. gets rid of the flicker and artifacting

btw whichever mediator that banned Thejewpacabra my other account is an asshole. I posted this solution earlier to help the community and I get banned for it. delete this fix and slap your contributors in the face

Uhhh no, you never posted any solutions on your other account, nor was your other account banned for posting solutions lol. It’s temporarily banned for being annoying with thread titles.