Weird headphone issue

Bought a pair of wireless headphones with built in microphone, they work fine in all games except rust… It’s a very strange issue. The volume goes up and down. I’m running Xubuntu 13.10 and the brand is “Rapoo”, works fine with my built-in soundcard, it’s only rust doing this and only when I use the wireless headset. Have anyone experienced similar problems and have a solution or any idea what it might be?

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Plz help!

The volume of what goes up and down? Of players?

Because they get louder the closer they are to you in-game.

Increase the game/PC volume, reduce the headphone volume.

All wireless headphones I used did that to some extent. It’s not a direct analog connection like regular headphones, there’s an encoder/decoder combo that digitizes it and that thing will just cut very subtle sounds considering them noise. This will result in missing sounds and I’ve seen the sound volume jumping too on mine when the sound was too low.

So just increase the volume that goes into the emitter… and reduce the sound on the headphones themselves (I have yet to see wireless headphones that do not have volume control).

This makes sense. Basically it’d increase the actual signal going out to the headphones by having that data being transmitted by the encoder/decoder combo, so if a constantly higher signal were being outputted you’d be less likely to lose sound… I think? And then you can just throttle the signal output from the headphones, or the volume, to control how loud you want it without cutting off the signal from the computer to the headphones (unless you muted it) right?

the sound in the game goes from nothing to really really high in intervalls.

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Does not work. :frowning:

Did you try putting your game and PC volume to maximum? Or did you just increase it a bit? You should set it to max…

Now it works. thank u all so mutch :smiley: <3