weird hitbox problem CS:GO


I finally succeded to modify a model, I recompiled it but the hitbox isn’t working well at all. It’s look like a big hit box is around of the model. So if I shoot the head, the damages will be the same as the body.

If I shoot around the model, I still hit the player.

I also think about if a hitbox was too bug, but when viewing in hlmv, there is no bug:

Here is the QC file in case of:

Thanks in advance, Viktor.

EDIT: I solved the problem about the strange hitbox, I added “$skipboneinbbox” in my qc file and it works fine
But there is still a problem: the damages are everywhere the same. The damages are the same as the arms. Btw I saw something else strange. When I shoot on that model, the blood coming out of it go to foo far away. (around 5-7 meters).