Weird Lag Issues Most Obvious in Rust

Basically, when I play rust, it’ll be running perfectly smooth, and then suddenly I’ll get an FPS drop. Originally, I thought it was overheating C/GPUs, faulty RAM, ect ect.
But then I realise that all I have to do is alt tab out and into the game and the lag is completely gone, but still comes back again a few minutes later.

I removed GForce Experience as I heard that applies to the problem, and it helped a bit, but I still get the issue. I end all process that use excessive amounts of CPU power and play with my desktop icons off and Windows 7 in performance mode. This also helps, but the problem still comes back in the end.

I have an Intel Core-i5, with 6GBs of RAM and a GForce GT330m GPU.

I realise the specs aren’t amazing, but I don’t think it’s the issue here. Any suggestions?

Its probably because your heading into a zone with lots of structures

Always possible. I thought the “stutter” was just a quick little skip of frames, but I may have interpret the Trello post wrong.

Lots of structures will do it, also if someone has a non standard character in thier name, such as an Asian language or something you have to type in a ctrl-code to display, I lag whenever they chat and whenever they shoot at me! Which is probably why they love those weird characters so much. Just try to have a gunfight when you’re stuck staring at a rock for 5 seconds!

look up how to “reduce the lag in rust”,i watched it when the game used to lag for me surprisingly for my specs,but realized the resolution setting was the highest (my laptop is 15.6).But the video had really good tips but never applied them,because i run on fantastic (or ultra) but never lags.