Weird lag

So I have been having a crazy, weird lag of some sort. I can be in any gamemode and I can make my person/prop run and while running my screen will show me at a spot I have just passed and freeze for a couple of seconds and then eventually sow me where I actually am. This makes the game impossible to play. I have an i7-4770 cpu@3.40 GHz with a geforce gt 640 video card. I have tried lowering all of the video settings in game to low, uninstalling gmod and reinstalling, and even trying some recommended codes to no avail. Still having this problem. Any ideas?

Does this happen on singleplayer in any map? If it doesn’t then it’s the server you’re on or the map.

This happens in every server I am in, with every map. If I play on my daughters laptop I have none of these issues, only my desktop. As far as single player, I haven’t really tried.

Jesus, you’re probably double my age :v:. If your PC is old then is could just be your PC showing it’s age, otherwise you’ll probably want to look into how much processing power and RAM are being used and make sure that your graphics card drivers are up to date.

32, but just got the computer about a year and a half ago. Graphics cards up to date and during gameplay I use 8.3 cpu and 399.3 mb ram

Try unsubscribing to all addons youre subscribed to and adding “-dxlevel 85” to your Garry’s Mod startup command line. You’ll see it when you go to the properties tab on Gmod in your Steam library. Other than that I’m out of ideas, sorry :-/

Btw, you’re double my age for a few more days… :suicide:

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Another thing that may help is, type “net_graph 1” into console and play for a bit. When the game lags does the text “lerp” change colors? It should say at an off white color.