Weird Lighting Glitches?

I am having a bunch of weird lighting problems in my map…

In most cases, things are overexposed. It only looks like this on Garry’s Mod though, not when I load this map in CS:S, so I’m wondering if it is video settings or something?

Either way, some areas like this one are messed up in both games. The lighting here makes no sense. We’re indoors and there are some skylights, but the light cast by it is ridiculous, even in CS:S. The light angles aren’t right either. You’ll see later that the direct light from the sky doesn’t even drop down at an angle like this. Also, all the ceiling lights are the same brightness so that rules them out as the cause.

And just down the hall the two adjacent skylights drop no light at all to make this even more weird.

Outside the skybox is super contrasted and the light from it overexposes anything that is reasonably light.

And look at the ground there. That white ground is actually a hl2 sidewalk texture. It is part of the skybox not the map, but those houses are in the map.

You can see more over-exposed skybox floor here. The brick buildings in the centre of this picture are not part of the skybox, but the office buildings in the background are part of the skybox. Look at the weird triangle shadow these buildings cast on the ground. The shadow bug is also in CS:S so it’s not a video setting issue.

And to finish it off, some dim lights inside are super bright. The yellow light is set to 255 241 217 68 so it should not be anywhere near this bright. The red ones should be even darker.

Same shot but from CS:S. The overexposure isn’t so bad, but notice how between the GMod one and this one, the way the light from the fluorescent light bar is changed by the grey wall stripe? The wall stripe and everything below it is a new brush. In the CS:S screen, the light sort of fades out evenly over that brush transition, but in the GMod screen you can see it hardly adds any illumination at all to the lower brush. Things like that are why I am not 100% convinced that this is a video resolution issue on my part from one game to the next.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Make sure you have a tonemap_controller to fix the bloomy spots. And use some sprites for the light sources. Makes it look a bit nicer.

Do you have cubemaps?

Do you have the gmod bloom settings turned on as well as the in-game ones?

Looks like you have HDR enabled in one of these games and disabled in the other. Tonemap_controller that beast, as samuel said

Also, make sure that the skybox is a HDR skybox, and make sure the shadows are disabled for the skylights glass.

Yeah, rebuild cubemaps for GMod, i believe that will fix your reflection issue

That happens if you haven’t built your cubemaps with HDR on

The map doesn’t have HDR support and HDR was turned off for both games. Should I add the HDR entities then recompile, etc?

Umm sorry for noob but I’m only aware of the ones from pressing options --> video. 0_o

Uhh I added a tonemap_controller and compiled HDR cubemaps etc but stuff is still overexposed. Those weird triangle shadows in the street are gone now and the exposure isn’t as bad but it is still not looking happy. Would changing settings for the tonemap do stuff? I just followed a tutorial for it and used the values recommended by the author.

Open up the Q menu in gmod, and go into the Post Processing tab. In there their is a bloom thing. Untick it.

try putting “mat_dxlevel 80” in the console

For most of those overexposed areas, that’s because you’re using a high intensity light to spread it over a long enough distance to get the general area lit enough.
Instead I suggest you opt for a lower intensity light with less falloff, which means it won’t throw the hdr through the roof, but will still provide adequate lighting.

There’s 2 real ways to go about this. You can either use the 50% and 100% falloff distances, which offer a direct control over how far the light will travel before dropping off or (as I prefer to do as it provides a more uniform result) you can change the falloff multipliers.
To do the latter, change your quadratic falloff multiplier to 0 (or something low, but I tend to just drop quadratic altogether if I need some actual distance from my light) and set either linear or constant (but generally not both) to 1 (or something close to it).
This will make the light decay less as it travels further from its light source. As a result, the actual brightness will normally need to be dropped a fair amount from what you currently have it as, but you’ll notice you can light an interior area with quite a gentle, uniform and quite believable light.
Also, if done right, you can have lights spread out quite a fair distance and still evenly light the area without large light patches in close proximity to the light source.

Along with this, I recommend playing with a HDR tonemap controller as previously suggested, but do this after you have fixed the light sources to prevent uneven and ugly lighting for people not capable of HDR.