Weird Lighting Issue Where Displacement Meets Brush

In fact, the upper brush (where there is just the sidewalk), is not even a displacement and the corners seem to be glowing. Is there an issue with my texture? This ONLY happens when it’s under the shadow of a prop_dynamic (when I remove it it goes away). It also seems to happen where displacements meet the brushes.

could you repost the screenshot? its not showing up

Looks like you accidently tried to embed the page containing the image instead of the image itself. Here is the correct link.



I think it might just be the texture. Weird, though. When I zoom in I can see a second “layer” of just shadow? It’s quite strange.

Have you made your skyox correctly this can happen if you just place a box aound the map and texture it with the 3d sky texure

Yes, it has been made correctly. This doesn’t seem to occur when it’s not under the shadow of a prop_dynamic.