Weird lighting issue with night/day system

This issue only occurs typically when the time is set to “night” and you connect to the server.

Not all the time though, it’s just random.
( ) - Works fine

Part of the map becomes completely black, and i don’t know why.

Any ideas?

Compiling map in fast vis/rad causes such things.

So it all has to do with the map?

Anything to fix it besides changing the map?

Does mat_fullbright change anything, or are they just missing/hidden?

Instead of using a as the max-dark light-setting in that map, use b… Some maps don’t have light environments or have other issues which can cause that… If you’re low on memory then E_OUTOFMEMORY will be displayed in console but the textures will be black regardless of light setting…

If b isn’t dark enough, you can use fog to simulate darkness.

Was the map compiled with named light_environment?

If I remember correctly this can happen if the map is compiled correctly for day/night, but there is no ambient light so certain things will go black and some wont.

Is it because of the map, and it can’t really be fixeD?

Not without a recompile. If you do this you would have to know what you do.