Weird lighting issue.

I searched about but I couldn’t seem to find anything like this, however I feel like I’ve seen it before.

Anywho, it’s supposed to be dark(ish) and foggy, and rainy. Obviously however I conclusively failed at that.

What it looks like directly after compiling:

And I turn on fullbright, and it should somewhat resemble this:

…only it’s not supposed to be fullbright. :v:

Anyone know what’s happening? I used the “Check for Problems” command, and the first time it crashed Hammer, the second time it was a bunch of “unused keyvaule hurrr” errors from the ropes that I copy/pasted from somewhere.

But uh, yeah. Help? :saddowns:

What did you set your fog to, and is there an light_environment on the map?

Make sure the settings for your light_environment start off as one of these values (based on skybox): Sky List

Firegod522 had a map and offered his settings to someone, and they were as follows:


pitch yaw roll - 0 62 0
fog enable - yes (duh)
use angles for fog - yes
Primary color - 45 58 74
Secondary color - 78 94 113
direction - 243 0 0
fog start - 512
fog end - 4000
max density - 5


Pitch yaw roll - 0 130 0
Pitch - -30
brightness - 240 238 217 650
ambiance - 144 175 198 280

Pm me the vmf, I’ll look at it.

I mean, it could always be my vagina of a computer just being retarded,

but I’ll send you the VMF and we’ll see what you come up with. :I

If you could pm it to me i could give an extra check

Nah, I already sent a copy to Firegod. He said it was something with the environment_lighting.

Whatever though, this map isn’t the highest of quality so chances are I’ll abandon it like a bunch of other things on here.