Weird lighting/shadow problem

There’s two displacements near each other and one of them has messed up lighting as you can see, any way to fix that?

Are the sides of the block displacements?

Are you compiling vrad on fast? sometimes that causes it.

Nope, I did compile with VVIS on fast before though (Else VVIS would take hours). Then I recompiled with VVIS on normal but with a func_viscluster brush entity.

Hmm I don’t think vvis would cause this, what about what the other guy said?

Yeah those two blocks are both displacements.

No not that, Did you select the whole brush and make it a displacement or did you just select the top of it? if you made the whole thing a displacement select it all, unselect the top face and press destroy.

Oh, yeah I made the entire thing a displacement, I’ll fix that and recompile.

Does it take this long?

HOYL FUCK IT’S WORKING :slight_smile:

Not everywhere though :saddowns:


Yes, took approx. 30 minutes.

Just delete the whole ground and make it one brush… then do power of 4 displacements.

…And it will look horrendous. Make sure you really only have displaced the top faces of the brushes.