Weird lighting/shadows on my map

Hello. I’m using Hammer editor to edit a rp_bloc42_v2 map. I edited it a little bit, did some of my stuff and when I ran it and put it into my Gmod, the lighting is weird and some colours are way too bright. HDR is turned off and I use Half life 2 EP2 in Hammer.
This is the map run log:

Screenshots of the map:

Have you been playing with ‘Carve’ function recently?

Well… there’s quite a lot of errors in there, involving missing models and textures.

It’d probably help if you posted a screenshot.

Are those custom textures?
Check if you used the right shader in the vmt.
Should be Lightmappedgeneric or something like that

Don’t mind the missing textures thing. I can see all the textures in Gmod, it just doesn’t detect them in Hammer because I don’t have CS:S.

@Netheous I do not know what the Carve function is nor how to use it.

The function to cut one block in the another, just add me on steam and I’ll help you find a solution.

Actually, I ran into this problem before. When you compile the map without hammer having the textures, it doesn’t light them at all. Despite you seeing the textures in GMOD, they will remain unlit.

Are you sure?

Yes, hammer reads the vmts to figure out how to light materials, and also whether or not it should light materials. Same goes for models. (reflectivity, light bouncing, etc)

If that’s the case, then I’ll close the thread down and ask a friend with CS:S to edit the map for me or edit the map using TeamViewer or something similiar… Thank you all for your kind help.

EDIT: Can someone lock this thread for me? Thanks.