Weird lines in some maps

I’ve started getting some weird thin lines on some maps after the latest gmod update, they appear on pretty much all of the Insurgency maps and some other ones too.
They disappear if you look at them at the right angle and reappear when you look at them from another angle.


Anyone know if this is caused by some console command or something?

Those are ropes, unmount L4D games and CSGO if you have them mounted.

Uhh, i have neither of those mounted or even installed.

I did have some CSGO stuff left over from some free weekend in the steamapps folder so i removed them, but it did nothing.

Try unmounting everything, restart the game, and see if it persists. If it does - it’s one of your addons. If you can tell me which one, that would be fantastic.

I have seen these lines before on such maps as rp_apocalypse and rp_stalker

They appear when you don’t have all the games mounted that uses content from it.

Alright, i finally figured it out.

Apparently this map is causing ropes to fuck up and become random white lines for some reason. I removed it and everything’s back to normal.