Weird Map Lighting Glitch on all Source Games.

Well, I just reformatted my computer a few days ago and reinstalled all my source games (CS:S HL:2, GMOD etc) and played them after updating all my drivers.
Before it worked fine (didn’t learn about the dxlevel 80 to stop the crashing when I killed NPC’s) But now I’m getting this weird glitch with the lighting on all maps… and its hurting my eyes:

As you can see… the lighting is… off you could say.

My computer specs are…( yes, they are shitty. I’m in the process of building a better computer but I still need 200$):

CPU: 3.1 ghz
RAM: 1.5 GB
HDD: 256 GB
GPU: Intel Integrated Media 910GL 128MB

Yes, mat_fullbright is 0.
Please help?

There’s your problem!

Doubt theres much you can do - Intel graphics are notoriously bad for gaming. You could try adding +dxlevel 80 to your command line options (right click in steam, properties, set command line options) but it may not help.

Meh. Already done. Thanks anyways.

Turn down your brightness for the moment, might help.

Ok. I’ll try that.
Btw, is it possible to record a demo on the gmod I have here at home with all my mods, then take it to a different computer that has better processing/GPU etc and play the demo and have it be the exact same?