Weird menu glitch

System hardware specs

  • Pentium® D CPU 2.80GHZ
  • 3.24 gb of RAM
  • Nvidia GeForce 6600 GT
  • Windows XP Service pack 3

could list my addons but it would be a big list - but i have already ruled addons out as the cause

when i go to choose a server to play on change options, pretty much anything to do with the menu screen things that are meant to be in front are at the back and visa versa

in that picture the achievements screen is the one that i have selected and should be on front.

i also have problems when i connect to servers i get this

everything i had open b4 joining a server stays open until i join the server and the motd pops up. but i can’t actualy interact with the menus when they are like that

i beleive this started happening after “gmod 11” was released. im am 70% sure its a graphics card thing just hoping that there is something i can do that will possibly fix the problem without me going off and buying a new graphics card

Gmod 11 is, I believe, the switch to the ep2 engine, which happened two (well, now three) years ago. Do you mean the recent, 72nd update?

its been happing for ages i gave up gmod because of it and because of a few other (i believe) graphics related issues. just thought i would get back into and try and fix the problem

Do you have the latest graphics drivers?

Check, if your game is running in Direct X 9 mode.
If not, you encounter these problems in most cases.

Got to Options/Video and check the lower right edge for the direct-x mode.