Weird mouse wheel jumping behavior

Hello everyone. I’m trying to create an addon that emulates ABH movement technique known from Half-Life 2 and Portal. In HL2, when I bind +jump to my mouse wheel, player jumps everytime i scroll it, but when I’m doing it in GMod, player sometimes will jump, sometimes not. Here’s the video (pay attention to the mouse overlay, first jump failed) :

How can I fix this?

Sandbox already has this implemented

Sorry, but I don’t really understand. I keep scrolling like crazy, but the game won’t register the jump everytime like it does in HL2.

You need to run -jump after 0.3 or more seconds so you can jump again

But how do I do this? Garry removed “wait” command from the game.

EDIT : OK, I solved it with LUA bhop command instead of +jump binded to the mwheel.