Weird no lag.

I made a 4 slot server thru the simple dedicated tool, and I spawned a WHOLE bunch npcs. Probably 40-50. Friends join, they from different areas, and they reach around 700-800 ping! And I still see them play no lag, skillfully shooting and I ask “Aren’t you guys lagging?” and they answered: No o_O

Lol wut, what happen. Is this some sorta ping bug or glitch?

I think it’s the dedicated tool doing that.

Try using SRCDS (search for a tut on how to start a dedicated server), that may fix the issue.

(That, or your friends are fucking with you, and spoofing their ping somehow.)

Ping is just the time it takes for data the server sends to reach them. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re lagging.

If that makes any sense.

Also, if you have it setup at the wrong tickrate and input/output values, you can basically create lag.