Weird OnEntityCreated Delay

It seems it’s only happens when NPC is created.
[lua] hook.Add(“OnEntityCreated”, “mob.random”, function(ent)
if !ent:IsNPC() then

	for k, v in ipairs(mob.ranks) do
		local dice = math.Rand(0, 100)
		if dice <= v.chance then
			ent.rank = k
			AddRanked(ent, k)



Delay it by a frame, “timer.Simple(0, function() end)”

Doesn’t work.
I tested this code in the video.
[lua]hook.Add(“OnEntityCreated”, “mob.random”, function(ent) print(ent) end)[/lua]

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It seems it’s not working well if entity is spawned on far away from the player.

That sounds like a PVS issue then

It’s not that far away. It’s like 256 units from the player.

Try and debugging it make sure it’s the OnEntityCreated hook that is the problem.

Just remove everything in the hook and use a simple print with the entity’s index.

I can sure OnEntityCreated is the problem.

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Oh, I see…
OnEntityCreated is fired when the entity have shown it’s the first signal(any kind of signal/manipulation) since it’s spawned.