Weird persisting graphical error in most source games but namely GMod

Hi, I’ve been getting this for a while and really haven’t found much of any help on it, but in gmod it’s sort of a problem moreso than other games for the fact it disrupts depth of field.

On basic example, this is a screenshot of it underwater on gm_construct. It’s not the best example, but you get the idea. It sort of laggily ghosts itself over.

I’m thinking it’s a problem with my graphics card, which doesn’t have any other blur problem in non-source games and my friend with an nvidia has the same issue as well.

My graphics card is a 9800 GT.

Anyone have any help on this issue?


I don’t see a problem? Could you talk more about the problem your having?

I think I did. Tell me if I am right! Everything gets really bright and begins to lag like crazy? If that is your problem it was probably from an addon! Just clean gmod and it should work. If that is your problem that is.

Well done.

Holy crap epic bump.