Weird problem with the finger poser (Alice Madness Returns model)

I am trying to port the Alice model from Alice: Madness Returns,

while I was able to import most of the model via umodel (one part was stolen from a deviantart user which umodel could not handle - she agreed that I may use the hair) and did some modifications as Source only allows 128 bones per reference model - for example majorly reducing bone count on the ribbon or the skirt.

All test versions of the model (general test, eye posing test) and such compiled fine however, when I finally renamed hand and finger bones to match the VALVe skeleton to make the model compatibel to the finger poser, I encountered an issue I never had before. In short words:

The finger poser only selects the right hand - the left hand is impossible to select. I tried checking the model over and over (2 days of time lost on that) - however, I absolutely fail to find out why. I even imported the SMD file and reexported it - no results.

As you can see here, I have the right hand selected - the left hand cannot be selected at all.

I also figured the reason why GMod does that:

I test developed a LUA tool (more or less it is using code of the finger poser and outputs it on the console) which shows that GMod is convinced that both the left hand and the right hand have the same position in world units - GMod then reculcaltes the distance of the trace position (the point of the model where you clicked) to the hand, and if the distance to the left hand is lower it selects it - if the distance to the right hand is lower or the same it selects the right hand. As both hands always have the same position it always selects the right hand.

To check out the tool yourself (might be of some help): (put the LUA file into: garrysmod\gamemodes\sandbox\entities\weapons\gmod_tool\stools - you’ll see a tool called bonepos in the Poser section then - just click/right-click a model and it will output data about all bones including hand bones in the console).

All WIP data of the model (including current compiled versions, materials, 3ds Max 2009 files, SMD files, QC files, VTA files) can be downloaded at - in the past I never shared my source files but as the model absolutely does not work I feel it’s the easiest to you to share everything I have.

Oh and: Yes, I know currently, she’s terrible to pose, I know, the fingers of the right hand move in the wrong direction, I know there is a slight weighting issue too and the smoothing is far from perfect - but I do not care right now, all of that is not too hard to fix, but the fingers are giving me issues I never had with the finger poser.

If one of you manages to fix the issue: would you mind telling me what to do? As I am currently extremely puzzled - so just sending back a fixed SMD file wouldn’t really be helpful admittedly.

Try removing the hitbox lines from the .qc and then compiling again.


Actually you seem to have only one hitbox line there. Well then, I’m not sure.

Well there definitely is something wrong with the left hand bones, I imported the .smd and they seemed to be rotated 180 degrees, bending upwards instead of downwards.

Remove all hitbox lines. Keeping even a single there bugs out the automatic hitbox generation and does exactly what you’re experiencing.

This includes hitboxset default

Thank you guys… I always had the hboxset default line in my QCs and it never interferred! But it was the bad line, it’s working.

I hope you release her other dresses aswell! And the “Real life” Alice.