Weird rainbow ish light cubes on textures. [Pics}

I have a XP home edition 2002 with service pack 3,
an intel® Pentium®4 CPU 3.40GHz 3.39 Ghz, and 3.25 gigs of ram, RADEON X800 SE graphics card…

I have wiremod, first person death, madcows weapons, sickness models, SBEP, RagMod, BlastFungus, Spartan kick,dismemberment mod, HL2 beta weapons, Tactical weapons, metropolice player models and npc’s, Human gibs, and phx installed, though this happened to me from the start, so it isnt any of my adons…

and some maps on gmod have some odd squares that are colored and half transparent all over some textures. No, i’m not talking about purple and black. here’s a pic.

Do you see why that’d get annoying?

Have you tried updating your video drivers?

I think your GPU is overheating…

What? And it does this on higher detailed maps like that one, Rp_city (something) and stuff. And when I walk up to the textures and shoot them, they fix. WTF?


BTW, they also fix when other people in the server look at them, ad only fix when i shoot them if the weapon is CSS.

WHOA funky as fucking hell
Check Tempretures

is 157 F (70 c) A bad max core temp?
The min is 132 F

Yeah, really bad. Turn off your computer and let it cool down for about an hour.

Uh, I want to have multiple people say that, not sure if this guy is trolling so… I’ll try cleaning the vents, they dont look bad though


Oh dang, they were full of dust.


Notice I said that was farenheit. BTW, I cleaned every vent on the computer with canned air, it should drop temp now, will check back in a sec.


Man, I can hear the difference.
:stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the help.